Aviation Author:

  • Senior Editor, Aviation Consumer Magazine
  • Features Editor and Columnist, The Pilot's Lounge, for AVweb, the Internet Aviation Magazine
  • Contributor: AOPA Pilot Magazine, IFR Magazine, IFR Refresher Magazine, Plane and Pilot Magazine and Pilot Magazine, (UK)

Aviation Safety:

  • Author of numerous articles and presentations on aviation safety issues including pilot operations, crash protection and risk management
  • FAA FAAST team representative

Expert Witness on aviation law, pilot operations and aircraft operational safety

Public Benefit Flying organization consultant

Volunteer pilot engaged in public benefit flying for over 30 years

Specialized and Advanced Flight Instruction:

  • Instruments, skis, floats, multi-engine, aerobatics, public benefit flight ops, flight reviews and instrument proficiency checks
  • Over 8,500 hours of flight experience in more than 200 types of aircraft

Retired Aviation Lawyer, former areas of practice:

  • Aircraft sale, purchase, lease and operating agreements
  • Airport access, service and minimum standards
  • FAA enforcement actions
  • Aircraft owner insurance and liability
  • Airport operator insurance and liability
  • FBO insurance and liability
  • Part 135 and 121 carrier insurance and liability
  • Emergency and disaster planning for aircraft operators, FBOs, airlines and public benefit flying organizations
  • Safety, risk management and liability exposure reviews for aircraft operators, FBOs, airlines and public benefit organizations
  • Skydiving operator airport access, safety and liability reviews
  • FAA Part 13 and Part 16 representation for airport tenants and businesses